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Brockville's Designated Cultural Heritage Sites

The following properties have been designated as Cultural Heritage Sites by the City of Brockville as per the procedures outlined in the Ontario Heritage Act.  Details on the legislation can be viewed here: Government of Ontario site. Information on the property including the designation report and by-law is available by clicking on the property name below.  If you would like to learn more about designating properties, please view the Heritage Brockville brochure here.

1.  Victoria Hall  (now Brockville City Hall), built 1862-64. 1 King Street at Market Sq.    

2.  Aurinda and Isaac Beecher House. ca. 1815 (rear), ca. 1840 (front). 5 Henry Street. 

3.  First Presbyterian Church, 1879. 10 Church Street at William St.

4.  Jane and Newton Cossitt House, 1883. 58 Wall Street at Pearl St.

5.  War Memorial, 1924. Court House Avenue at King St. W.  (in central boulevard)

6.  John H. Fulford Fountain, 1917. Court House Avenue (in central boulevard)

7.  Gen. Isaac Brock Monument, 1912. Court House Square (southern edge)

8.  Post Office and Customs House, 1883-85. 12 Court House Avenue 

9. Elizabeth and Alexander Morris House, ca. 1835. 22 Court House Avenue

10.  Shepherd Grist Mill, 1852. 123 Water Street West  at John St.

11. Ruth and David Robertson House, ca. 1835. 10 Broad Street at Flint St.

12.  Robert Sheridan Store, 1885. 40 King Street East at Garden St.

13.  "Fairview",  Willson-Page House, ca. 1859. 30 Crawford Street 

14.  "Somerset", Janet and Benjamin Chaffey House, ca. 1859. 50 Crawford Street at Oxford Ave.

15.  Donaldson Block, 1857. 95-99 King Street West at Apple St.


16   "Beauvoir", Isabella and George Easton House, 1857. 41 Cochrane Dr.

17.  Jones-Harding Building, 1832. 41-45 King Street West at Broad St.

18.  McQueen-Fitzsimmons House, ca. 1850. 36 Broad Street 

19. McNamara-Gardiner House, ca. 1890. 25 Pine Street at Garden St.

20. Sarah and John Lawrence House, ca. 1865. 301 North Augusta Road

21.  Mary Ann and Robert Wright House, 1880. 17 Sherwood Street at Granite St. E.

22.  Wall Street (Methodist) United Church, 1830-1896. 5 Wall Street

23.  Brockville Railway Tunnel (South & North Entrances), 1854-1860. Water Street at Blockhouse Island Pkwy.