Listed Properties on the Municipal Register

Brockville's Municipal Register of Cultural Heritage Properties includes properties that are Listed along with those that are Designated.  Being Listed on the Heritage Register is not the same as having a property "Designated" under the Ontario Heritage Act.  Listing a property is primarily an administrative process while designating a property is a legal process.  Unlike Designation, listing properties does not add any restrictions to renovations made to the interior OR exterior of the building.  It does provide some protection from demolition:  " the owner shall not demolish or remove a building unless the owner gives council or the municipality 60 days notice in writing."  For unlisted properties, the City must respond to an application for a demolition permit within 10 days.  

Having a property listed on the Heritage Register is generally, and rightly so, a point of pride for property owners.  Please select the link to view Brockville's Listed Properties on the Register.